Harnessing the power of human biology to cure genetic diseases

Kodikaz is a breakthrough genomic transfer company founded to translate previously unknown cell-recognition and genomic integration mechanisms into curative therapies. The work was initially conducted by our founding scientist Dr. Leon Bernal-Mizrachi at Emory University.

The discovery of these technologies derived from findings in human cancers, that we believe is a conserved primitive mechanism by which normal cells are transformed into cancerous onesĀ  through horizontal genomic transfer.

The Kodikaz Zip-code transfer platform represents a paradigm shift from traditional approaches to gene therapy by avoiding several critical issues:

does not require viral delivery vectors (no immune issues)

high-degrees of cell / tissue-specificity (no off-target issues)

large payload capacity (no size constraints).

The Company is advancing several disease programs and has generated both in-vitro and in-vivo data in oncology, including pancreatic, myeloma, colorectal and NSCLC.

Please continue to check back for updates and contact us if you are interested in learning more about this breakthrough technology.