Our Science is redefining the boundaries of medicine, fueling therapy product development pipelines and providing new tools to oncologists and new hope to families and patients with cancer.

Uses & Applications

In Vivo

Lethal Gene/Cytotoxic Agent

  • Delivery of lethal genes (e.g., p53, HSV-tk, etc.)
  • Delivery of cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agents to cytoplasm or membrane of target cells.

Antigen Presentation/Phenotypic Transformation

  • Elicit innate immune response (IL-12, IL-6 etc…)
  • Transforms phenotype of cell (e.g. making cells HER-2 +)

Necrosis and Apoptosis



Efficient Cell Manufacturing

(e.g. CAR-T)



Cell specific Zip-Codes freely float in the blood of patients and can be captured to diagnosis the presence of cancer, monitor therapeutic response or to screen for cancers. Zip-Codes offer the opportunity for highly specific and very low detection levels as diagnostic tools. Zip-Codes are isolated from the blood, can be detected using PCR or other sequencing technologies and can be detected individually or on an array.