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Our Zip-Code™ Technology platform is a first in class, cell-specific delivery system that can be used for a broad range of gene therapy applications. Because the Zip-Codes ™ are derived from an endogenous human mechanism it avoids all of the challenges of viral delivery approaches. The Zip-Codes ™ are universally applicable and specific for each cell type.

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Our science is redefining the boundaries of medicine, fueling new therapeutic approaches and providing a diversity of tools to oncologists and hope to families and patients with cancer.

About Us: Team and Advisors

Management Team

Anthony Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO

Anthony Johnson is an experienced executive with a strong track record of leadership across the healthcare sector. His experience has covered a multitude of areas MORE

Jean-Michel Gries

Head of Research & Development

Jean-Michel is an accomplished drug development executive. Starting as a director of clinical pharmacology at Aventis (and predecessor companies), and he then became the Head MORE

Stephen Chang Ph.D.

Senior Vice-President Research

Dr. Stephen Chang serves on the Scientific Advisory Board or Board of Directors for GT Biopharma, Orphesus Therapeutics, Cloak Therapeutics, Aegis Therapeutics and Legacy Therapeutics. MORE

News & Updates

Kodikaz Awarded Research Seed Grant from Biolocity

Kodikaz was awarded a Seed grant from Biolocity.  The competitive grant process was awarded to help the company further the product development of its targeted cell specific Zip-Code technology for clinical applications in Multiple Myeloma.  The grant is for 6 months of work commencing March 2020.

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