An experienced and passionate team that is excited about the opportunity afforded by the groundbreaking Zip-Code Technology

Management Team

Anthony Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO
Leader Stem & Cell Therapy Division, Invitrogen; CEO, Empire Genomics

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Dr. Leon Bernal-Mizrachi

Co-Founder, CSO
Associate Professor, Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Emory University School of Medicine

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Dr. Stephen Chang Ph.D.

Senior Vice-President Research
CSO Canji; VP Schering-Plough Research Institute; CSO Stemgent; SVP R&D, NY Stem Cell Foundation; BoD Histogen

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Dr. Daniel Maneval

Head of R&D
Experienced gene therapy scientific leader, former interim CEO Halozyme, Site Director Schering-Plough/Canji

Science Team

Lourdes Martinez-Medina

PhD - Scientist
8+ years research experience, Cornell GMP facility CAR-T lab

Andrey Pisarev

Ph.D. – Senior Scientist
10+ years delivery and genome editing research experience, as well as biochemistry expertise

Lei Feng

PhD - Assistant Lab Director
12+ years oncology research experience, most recently managing MeiraGtx pre-clinical research on “riboswitch” platform

Pavan Kumar Puvvula

PhD – Senior Scientist
8+ years research experience from Geisinger. Research focused on cell specific lethal peptides in cancer

Science Advisors

Ravindra Majeti

Chief of Hematology, Stanford University School of Medicine Co-Founder Forty-Seven

Robert Langer

David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT Serial Founder and entrepreneur

Bassel El-Rayes, MD

Division Head Hematology Medical Oncology UAB
Deputy Director of the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB

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Wee Wen Ma

Conducts clinical and translational research in developing anti-cancer agents. Professor, Mayo Clinic.

Business Advisors

David Epstein

Former CEO Novartis Pharma, Oncology Exec Partner, Flagship Pioneering Chairman, Axcella, Rubius, Evelo

Walter Ogier

Former CEO Acetylon Board of Novus and others

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Bob Easton

President, Wilkerson group; Managing Director, IBM; Co-Chairman, Bionest Partners

Dennis Purcell

Founder of Aisling Capital, Former Managing Director Life Science banking at H&Q bank and in Biotech Hall of Fame, Genetic Engineering News.

Jean-luc Belingard

Former Chairman & CEO of Biomérieux, Ipsen Group, CEO Roche Diagnostics, Board Director LabCorp

Board of Directors

Anthony Johnson

15+ years life science experience Former CEO, Empire Genomics

Peter Finan

PhD, Partner Epidarex
20+ years drug discovery experience Former Novartis; Cancer Research UK

Partners & Investors

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